Characteristics of Acquired PE

The Acquired or secondary PE manifests after a period of normal ejaculation control and time at a certain time of life, with a gradual or sudden onset. It can be related to endocrine (such as hyperthyroidsm) or urological diseases, anatomical conditions (such as a short frenulum, hypersensitivity of the glans, phimosis etc.), neurological, psychological or relationship problems, traumatic sexual experiences or as a side-effect of medication or drug-taking.
For example, prostatitis (an inflammation of the prostate gland) could be a risk factor of PE. Treating prostatitis (e.g. with antibiotics) usually restores patients normal ejaculatory pattern, while untreated prostatitis can in long term intensify the problem.
A kind of Acquired PE is the so called Situational PE, the one occurring not always (almost always) but just with one partner. In these cases it is most probably due to psychological problems related to the situation, the partner, the relationship or other circumstances.



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