How to talk to your partner with Premature Ejaculation

The following are effective communication "techniques" to use with your partner with Premature Ejaculation (PE).

Be open and gently break the silence, with lines such as:

  • ”We are so happy from all other points of view, why don’t we try to improve our sexual life as well?”
  • “I feel we are getting a bit disappointed with our lovemaking. Why not try to improve it? I read that there are solutions that can help...!”
  • ”You know, I read a girl’s story on the internet that looked so much like ours. She said that her partner was “a different guy, and a much better lover” after he took the drug that helped to control his time in lovemaking....And she was so happy afterwards... Why don’t we try?”

Do not assign any blame and avoid any attitude that could sound aggressive or humiliating.
“You know, sex is also an acquired skill, like playing music, tennis or dancing.
When people want to improve their skill, whatever it is, they ask for help and advice. Why don’t we do the same for sex?”

Instead, talk about desires and needs and think about how to achieve these goals.
“ I feel like we could experience so much more, and yet we have a very limited routine. I would love to change things and have much more fun with you! Why not?”

Be sure to have an open discussion about obtaining professional medical help and advice.
“I read a lot about improving in life, in every field, and I did commit myself to improving my foreign language skills. I took lessons and listened to my teacher’s advice and tried to practice it. I feel that sex is the same. If we take professional advice and follow the suggestions, we’ll have a lot more fun and pleasure together. This could boost our life in every sense...”.


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