Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs are good ways to delay the ejaculation

Some illicit drugs, such as amphetamine and cocaine could actually engender PE. Alcohol can sometime delay orgasm, but it is absolutely not an effective treatment for premature ejaculation and could also have a detrimental effect on men’s control. Some other drugs, such as opioids, could sometime cause an inhibition of ejaculation.

But, in any cases, other serious, undesirable side-effects associated with such drugs must be taken into account. Moreover, psychological problems – developed as a result of dependence on other substances – could join the psychological problems caused by PE. There is nothing more dangerous than trying to “cure” PE with drugs or alcohol, or mixing them both.

In a recent study, PE was directly associated with tobacco and illegal drugs. Moreover in an Italian study that involved 228 young males, the prevalence of PE observed prior to drug use was 37.5%, suggesting (as some authors speculate) that sexual disorders or the conviction that one has a sexual problem could be a possible risk factor among men for drug abuse and addiction.



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