It’s just a male affair

There’s nothing a partner can do about Premature Ejaculation; it’s only a matter of male self-control

Talking about Premature Ejaculation (PE) is the first step in treating it. PE is a real medical condition that not only affects many men of all ages but also their partners. Doctors deal with these kinds of problems every day and are a valuable source of information. As well as providing treatment, they can offer advice and support – but you need to talk to them.
It may be awkward at first, but talking about PE with your partner is the first step in dealing with it as a couple. Many women who suspect their partner may have PE avoid raising the subject for fear of hurting their partner’s feelings or increasing feelings of inadequacy. But talking things through as a couple will provide the support needed to seek professional help and may lead to effective solutions.

Women are to be considered the sufferers, as well as the men: on the basis of clinical experience and large internet-based studies, it has been found that having a partner with PE causes high levels of female sexual distress.

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