The use of the "artificial man"

Good sexual health is the result of a complex relationship covering social, relational, psychological and even medical aspects. And in an environment controlled by a doctor or sex therapist, even the use of sex toys can help to promote the well-being and sexual harmony of a couple. One study involving 12,000 men and women from 27 countries around the World, revealed that just over half of them were not satisfied with their sex life. The men would like to improve erections and the women to increase the rate of achieving orgasm during intercourse. So, how can these improvements be made? Other than treatment with drugs or the support of a psychologist, some scientific studies claim that the use of sex toys can improve sexual chemistry, as long as the use of these tools is to help and not replace the partner.

An internet survey of over 2,000 American women aged between 18 and 60 years revealed that 52.5% had used a vibrator at least once. But what are the benefits that can be obtained from their use? Well, one learns more about one’s own body and sexual preferences, so that pleasure can be reached more quickly. Self-confidence increases and performance during intercourse with the partner is improved. In particular, women who experience anxiety during sex are often able to achieve vaginal orgasm using a vibrator.

Also male sex accessories, used to facilitate and improve the erection (devices such as penis pumps, constricting bands, moisturisers and/or lubricants) have been used in the treatment of sexual disorders. In the context of the couple, the man can also benefit from the use of a vibrator. Among approximately 1,000 men aged between 18 and 60 years, less than half of the participants (44.8%) had used a vibrator at some point in their lives. These individuals showed greater attention to the health of their sexual organs and were able to obtain an increase in erection, orgasm and sexual desire.



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